Monday, January 14, 2013

Why I have my own domain?

We are social animals.  Business-to-Business is no different.  They are highly socially active and, whether you like it or not, we are getting most of their information from sources that you do not directly control. Neither you are aware of so what you do in such case. The best way is that you take the ownership of your name and promote yourself the best way possible as "Sales & Marketing" is all about it.

After working in various business segments over the past 10 years I have witnessed the way contacts are established and people from various industry segment & business verticals try to search you and connect with you. Also as you work day in and day out over a decade you can not really share all the knowledge and let people know about your achievements, derivations and thinking's but majorly portray the Skills that you have and how you can help an business or group of people who might be looking for you or your guidance and perspective on various things.

Also while socializing you always want to be with group of like minded people who share common visions or thought process to be associated with or to spend time with and build alliances. Hence I have this own self named domain so I am very easily reachable and found when people look for me or my skills or my company to be associated with or form alliances. I ensure I am also highly active in my professional and personal social networks to ensure all my activities are highlighted and shared with the near and dear ones & all my colleagues and partners in the professional world.

 Earlier last year, Base One and B2B Marketing , in association with Research Now and McCallum Layton , published research that sheds new light on the importance of social media marketing. The 2012 Buyersphere Report is based on a survey of 800 B2B decision makers who were personally involved in a business purchase in the last 12 months. The survey included buyers in the UK, France, Germany, and Italy. While this obviously gives the survey a European focus, I believe the results are generally applicable in all markets.
The most significant finding in the Buyersphere survey is that social media currently plays a relatively small role in B2B buying. When survey participants were asked whether they had used any of a given set of channels to obtain information about a potential purchase, the responses were as follows:
  • Web searches – 71%
  • Word of mouth (excluding social media) – 56%
  • Online community sites – 12%
  • LinkedIn – 10%
  • Facebook – 5%
  • Twitter – 3%
  • Other social media – 2%
  • Other – 1%
So considering the above no one can loose the option of been found on the web search results. Hence considering all the above options I am highly active as below :- 

Google Web Search :- 
Facebook profile page:-


  1. Hi Santosh - nice post, and delighted to see that you found our Buyersphere Report useful.

    I agree with what you say on the subject of being found on the web, and would add another important point, which is that you control your own domain – if your strategy is based on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc, THEY control it. I heard a "social media guru" talking on a podcast today saying that she "owned" her Twitter account! Fraid not - that belongs to Twitter and they decide whether to let you use it!

    1. I Agree with you. The message is very simple... My Life, My Rules,My Domain and why let other own it.